Who I am


I was born in Bologna, but now live in Lovere, Bergamo;
Lovere is considered to be one the most beautiful towns in Italy
and is located on the Bergamo side of Lake Iseo.
I have always been very keen on sport and travelling
and have practised: sailing, windsurfing, rowing, diving,
running, mountaineering, skiing, climbing and mountain biking and always when travelling.
I love to discovering the local and national heritage
And because of my interest in travelling and sport
 Coltivo da sempre la passione per gli sports e i viaggi
I am an authorised NCC drivermountain bike (MTB) guide and hiking guide AIGAE (LO702)
and I also offer the use of my electric bikes and if necessary can arrange bike rental.
1) I offer my services as back up and support to sport teams, cultural groups or organised groups of friends, who intend to spend one or more days exploring cities, mountains, trails among vineyards, hills, mountain shelters, providing the use of a vehicle equipped to transport bicycles and any sports equipment.    
2)  I am able to organise car, bicycle and hiking trips according to ability and requirements of the participants and when required will arrange for qualified assistance for any other sport, touristic and cultural activity.
l am available all year round throughout
Italy and Europe                  






NCC driver                mountain bike (MTB) guide