Here are some of my suggestions for further destinations. If you have more to ask for, just do so!
A destination not to be missed, all the year round!
Why is it worth visiting? It has one the largest squares in Europe. Giotto, Galileo Galilei and Donatello lived here. Thermal baths are within walking distance: have you ever swum in steaming warm waters, surrounded by trees, while looking at a full moon? St Antonio's basilica is a world-famous pilgrimage destination. An appetizer typically accompanied by a small glass of local prosecco wine (called "l''ombra" - the shadow - in Veneto) can be drunk standing in a picturesque square. You can enjoy a visit to the local street market and get some "Baccalà" - dried salted cod, cooked according to many different recipes! Within a short drive, you'll find the Colli Euganei with their ancient villas, some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and Medieval fortified and walled towns. Venice and the Adriatic sea can be reached in less than 30 minutes. Are these reasons enough to go to Padova?


 Cupolone of the Basilica of San Pietro
Cupolone of the Basilica of San Pietro
These's no need to explain why you may want to go to Rome, is there?
Anyway, the imminent Jubilee is going to be our first reason.
We may get there along the Via Francigena, either riding a bike or walking: I'll be provide you with a rented car and driver.
Just let me know if you choose to stay near Campo dei Fiori, within walking distance from St Peter's Square or Montemario, if you wish to taste  the home-made dishes  of a Roman Trattoria, if you need a tourist guide or to take your bike with you.